Metal stamping parts processing

Dongguan metal stamping parts processing
Dongguan metal stamping parts processing 五金冲压件图片1 五金冲压件图片2

Metal stamping processing advantages

1. Professional mold development team:

2. Metal stamping processing precision equipment:

 Dongtai Precision160T 2 sets    Dongtai 110T punching machine 5 sets    JH-110T punching machine 6 sets

HIF-110T punching machine 1 set  Wire cutting machine 2 sets        Milling machine   15 sets

Press 65 sets           Tapping machine 9 sets            Washing machine 4 sets

Polishing machine 1          Bending machine 4 sets            Electric welding machine 8 sets

Shearing machine 3 sets          Machine cutting machine 1 set        CNC automatic lathe 10 sets

Automatic lathe 20 sets       Three-dimensional automatic grinding machine 2 sets   Centrifugal high speed grinder 3 sets

Drilling and attacking machine 4 sets       Bench milling machine 15 sets




Metal stamping processCutting and blanking→Punching, typing, punching→Bristle→forming→Tapping→Riveting

Metal stamping processing requirements:Customer provides product design manuscript→Engineering verification→Mold→Proofing→Verify→produce